Can a Locksmith Make New Car Keys?

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Do you always know where your car keys are? There might be times when you just plain lost the last copy of your car key and you need a new one made. This can easily happen at least once in your lifetime even when you are a very careful person and that means you should also keep the phone number for a good locksmith such as TucsonLocks who can usually take care of this quickly on hand. Handling the job of creating a brand-new key would have been very easy prior to the 1990s, when most cars made use of a pin-and-tumbler ignition system.
When cars began using an electronic ignition system as an anti-theft measure, though, keys began requiring the use of a transponder to actually start the car and that makes the locksmith’s job a bit more complicated and time-consuming. You can still use the pin-and-tumbler system to unlock your car and open the trunk, but can’t use it to start the car without the transponder that completes an electronic circuit to activate the electronic system in your car. To successfully duplicate the key, a locksmith would need to program the key after cutting it and that makes the process more time-consuming than car thieves usually like.
To create a brand-new key without having the original on hand, you can use TucsonLocks services. The locksmith would first have to recreate the mechanical key that would normally be used for the pin-and-tumbler system. If you’ve ever had a key duplicated at any place where you can buy auto accessories, you know that this process only takes a few minutes. To program the key “from scratch,” the locksmith will have to also turn the key in the ignition three times at ten-minute intervals. That means it takes about half an hour for a TucsonLocks auto locksmith to program the transponder. Once that’s done, a locksmith will usually offer to make a second key on the spot to save having to go through that again. If a legitimate locksmith is annoyed, you can be sure that a car thief won’t want to hang around long enough to produce the original transponder without having the original key on hand. That’s why it’s usually better to hang on to your car keys as much as possible whenever you’re out in public and make sure you have a spare whenever possible.
Each car that is a model built more recently than the 1980s has its own unique transponder system and a good locksmith will know about or be able to find information on all of them before he goes out to create a new key. Specialized tools that a locksmith has to use includes the correct key blanks, a key machine and electronic programming tools. This is typically considered a roadside assistance service because it needs to be done where you are. Locksmiths or a futuristic version of this profession that exists when cars become more fully electronic and less reliant on keys will probably never be obsolete for as long as people can easily lose something as small yet valuable as a key.